Dental Implants

Missing or heavily damaged teeth can have a large impact on your confidence and how you bite. Whether you want to smile for pictures or eat your favorite foods, dental implants give your teeth the stability and natural appearance you need to enjoy the small things in life without worry.

How implants work

In a healthy tooth, the root anchors the tooth to the jaw. This helps the tooth stay sturdy while biting and chewing. When that tooth goes missing or is no longer functional, your jawbone begins to slowly deteriorate.

Unlike other solutions for a missing tooth, such as a bridge, implants not only replace the tooth but help prevent your jaw from resorbing as well.

To simulate the job of the tooth root, a small hole is drilled into the jawbone where a metal implant is inserted. Once your jaw has time to heal, an artificial tooth is fixed to the top of the implant. You’re left with a result that functions with the same strength and appearance of a natural tooth.

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Your dentist will do a preliminary oral examination to determine if you are candidate for a dental implant, as well as answer any questions you may have about the surgical procedure.

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