Night Guards and Sports Guards

Your teeth can become physically damaged by grinding or through contact sports. To protect the enamel and integrity of your teeth, LUX Dental Clinic offers custom bite guards.

Night Guards

Grinding your teeth during the night is a harmful and damaging habit that can rarely be controlled or stopped. Jaw pain, migraines, tooth infections, and a faster rate of decay are all consequences of this unfortunate condition. But with a bite appliance (occlusal guard), you can greatly reduce the wear of your teeth caused by night grinding. LUX Dental Clinic will create a custom bite appliance for you that’s comfortable to wear all through the night while safeguarding your oral health.

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Sports Guards

Contact sports are fun to play, but come with risks to your teeth. During physical sports such as soccer, rugby, hockey, football, and martial arts it’s not uncommon to get hit in the mouth with great force. Luckily, getting a tooth chipped or knocked out during sports can be prevented with a custom sports guard. LUX Dental Clinic makes custom sports guards designed to fit comfortably in your mouth while you play.

To prevent physical tooth injuries, call LUX Dental Clinic and ask about your options for mouth guards.